DomR is a Trusted International domain transactions platform. As a third Party Provider, we assist customers with Domain transactions, at competitive prices, under the assistance of qualified professionals, while assuring Safety and Security for services ranging from Domain Escrow, to Domain Loans, as well as Domain Leasing and Swapping.

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Why DomR ?

Guaranteed Safety & Security

As a Trusted Third Party service provider, we guarantee Safe and Secure transactions.

Simple and Easy

Our simple navigation process allows you to easily perform transactions on your own.

Quick Cash Options

Our DomR Wallet account offers you flexibility with funds you have accumulated.

Our Services

domain escrow

Domain Escrow

With Standard & Premier Domain Escrow Service, you have the flexibility of securing a domain transfer on your own or allowing us to take on that task for you. Either option is 100% safe and secure, under the support of our professionals.

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domain loan

Domain Loan

Using Domain as collateral you can aquire short-term loan at competitive rate. Our premium lenders, approved by our team, will compete to provide, full requested amount. Once loan has been repaid your domain will be returned to you.

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domain lease

Domain Lease

We provide an opportunity to afford a domain, outside your budget, by using our Domain Leasing Service. You can enjoy the benefits of a premium domain for a fraction of the cost, while at the same time having the option to purchase it at any time.

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domain swapping

Domain Swapping

DomR provides a platform where you can exchange your quality domain names for other domain names. This keeps your money in your pocket, while at the same time allowing you to acquire great domain names online.

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Value Added Services

Online Wallet

With online wallet, you can easily deposit an amount in DomR's wallet and save your bank transfer fees, charged by the bank.

Domain Tools

Using domain tools, you can inspect various parameters, regarding the domain like domain expiry, domain registrars, age of domain etc.

List A Domain

DomR provides a common market place for both seller and buyer; hence seller can list their domain on DomR for sale.

Quick Escrow

By using quick escrow, you can finish the entire escrow transaction in specific time frame on which buyer & seller are mutually agreed.

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Customer Reviews

DomR testimonials

" Fantastic Service "

"I was involved in the first transaction of DomR. It was an LLLL.com WeChip. the seller was a Korean guy. I found him from NamePros.com. The transaction went smoothly and we had no issues."

Jijo Pappachan
DomR testimonials

" My Highest Recommendation "

"I definitely recommend DomR. My transaction was very quick, smooth and efficient. I will be using them again in the future."